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Calling all Litton Lakes fans! We need your support!


We are currently applying for retrospective planning permission for the campsite and café at Litton Lakes, as well as permission to build a new shower and toilet block.

how you can help

If you have enjoyed your time at Litton Lakes and would like to support our application, then please click here or go to the Dorset Council website and search for planning application number: 2022/02660.


Here you will be able to view our application in detail and comment as you see fit. Please note, we are not applying for permission for the lake itself - this planning permission already exists.


Your comments of support are fundamental to the success of our application as we need to be able to prove the value that the site has to our customers, local residents and businesses.


Before commenting, please view our summary of why our application was refused first time round and what we have done to combat the issues. This will help you in making the most influential comments that will hopefully result in a successful application.


Our previous application (no. 20/001114) was refused due to the following:


"The proposed use of this land for the camping and caravanning in conjunction with the associated hard standing would result in a detrimental landscape impact on the open character of the Bride Valley landscape within the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the character of which should be respected, protected or enhanced for its intrinsic value. It is considered that this impact would outweigh any benefit the proposed development would have for the rural economy."


"The mobile home amounts to a new dwelling in an isolated and unsustainable location in the open countryside with any future occupiers being reliant on a car to access services and facilities. The applicant has not demonstrated an essential functional and financial need to live on the site in support of the existing fishing lakes or proposed camping and caravanning site. In the absence of adequate justification there would be insufficient benefit arising of sufficient weight to outweigh the harm which would result from the mobile home and the associated domestic paraphernalia, in this rural and unsustainable location in the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty."


If you would like to view the previous planning application in full, please click here.


Over the past three years, in an effort to combat the above, we have planted over 2,000 whips to create new hedgerows and woodlands which will lessen the visual impact on the landscape as well as increase the biodiversity and enhance the character of the AONB. We have also made every effort to ensure that the development of the site is sympathetic to the natural surroundings.


In regard to the mobile home, this building is absolutely necessary, mainly for the safety and security of the site and our guests as it enables a warden to be present at all times throughout the camping season. It also provides our employees with a 'break out' area along with a first aid room and storage.


All of the above can be read in more detail in our planning application. Any comments of support, particularly those directly related to the above concerns could have a significant impact on the success of our application. However, please refrain from 'copy and pasting' or repeating the above info word for word so that all comments are original and of personal opinion. If you have any concerns and would like to ask us anything before commenting, then please email or call us on 07515283098.


Comments must be submitted by 30th May 2022.


We appreciate your time taken to read and hopefully support our application.


Steve and Beth 🙂

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